Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission Fluid Flush Englewood

Like your vehicle’s engine, the transmission is working hard and creating heat and friction between all the moving parts. That is why it is so important that your transmission fluid is in good condition. Transmission fluid, like motor oil, provides lubrication and conditions the seals to help avoid transmission damage. Often times, people neglect to change out their transmission fluid and irreversible damage to the transmission occurs. Here at Thompson Automotive we want you to get the most out of your transmission, which is why we inspect your fluid for contamination every time we change your oil (if applicable).

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Manual transmissions simply need to be drained and refilled with the proper transmission fluid. Automatic transmissions can also be drained and refilled by dropping the oil pan, however, here at Thompson Automotive we believe our customers receive a far better service by performing a complete transmission flush.

We offer the BG Automatic Transmission Flush. This allows us to clean out the transmission prior to exchanging the dirty fluid with new ATF. The flush system removes deposits from the valve body, filter screen, and other internal components. This process also allows us to add BG Automatic Transmission Conditioner to the fluid which eliminates hard shifting, chattering, and slipping. Call us today and make your appointment for your Automatic Transmission Flush.