Power Steering Fluid Flush

Power Steering Fluid Flush Englewood

Many people do not realize that power steering fluid is the most neglected fluid in their vehicle; and it is working under some very high temperatures and pressure. The relief pressure at your power steering pump can exceed 1500 psi, and the temperature at your pump can reach over 300 degrees. Like all of your vehicle’s fluids, when the power steering fluid is depleted of its additives it can cause damage to very expensive parts. Contamination and debris can build up in your power steering pump, lines and hoses can become stiff and brittle, and your power steering rack may wear prematurely.

Here at Thompson Automotive we provide you with the BG Power Steering Service which is a safe and effective cleaner combined with new long lasting power steering fluid. This flush process quickly removes deposits from the gear box, rack assembly, and all other power steering components thoroughly cleaning the entire system prior to installing the new fluid.

You will notice the difference! Your vehicle will drive like new. Plus the flush reduces pump and rack wear, pump noise, and prevents leaks from forming. Call us today and make your appointment for your Power Steering Flush.