Cooling System Fluid Flush

Cooling System Fluid Flush Englewood

Coolant has three main functions:

  • To remove excess heat from your engine,
  • To protect against freeze damage,
  • And to prevent corrosion.

Over time coolant becomes acidic which is destructive to your engine. It can cause aluminum engine parts to corrode, radiators to clog, and water pumps to fail. We want to protect you from such damage which is why we check your vehicle’s coolant pH level every time it is in for an oil change service. It is important to the life of your engine and cooling system to have clean coolant flowing through it.

Here at Thompson Automotive we offer the BG Cooling System Flush. When your vehicle is ready for a coolant flush we clean out the system with BG Universal Cleaner first. This product is safe to use in all engines. It allows us to remove debris and buildup from the cooling system prior to exchanging your coolant. We also add BG Super Cool to your coolant when we fill your system. This amazing product helps sustain critical additive balance, proper pH level and protects against corrosion.

Call us today and we will check your coolant balance for you and make sure you and your vehicle are protected.