Fluid Flushes

Fluid Flushes Englewood

The Thompson Automotive team understands the importance of a POWER FLUSH. Sludge, carbon and oxidized fluids can build up in your engine and transmission. Fortunately we can help! We are a proud vendor of BG Products that were designed to clean out vehicle systems. We promote and recommend these products as a standard of excellence for your vehicle.

Transmission Flush

– Transmission fluid, like motor oil, provides lubrication and conditions the seals to help avoid transmission damage. Oftentimes, people neglect to change out their transmission fluid and irreversible damage to the transmission occurs. Here at Thompson Automotive we want you to get the most out of your transmission, which is why we inspect your fluid for contamination and every time we provide you with an oil change service.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

– When power steering fluid is depleted of its additives it can cause damage to very expensive parts. The flush process we use quickly removes deposits from the gear box, rack assembly, and all other power steering components thoroughly cleaning the entire system prior to installing the new fluid.

Cooling System Flush

– Over time coolant becomes acidic which is destructive to your engine. We want to protect you from such damage which is why we check your coolant pH level every time we provide you with your oil change service. It is important to the life of your engine and cooling system to have clean coolant flowing through it.

Brake Fluid Flush

– Brake fluid is the lifeblood of your hydraulic brake system. Here at Thompson Automotive we inspect your brake fluid for contamination and moisture content every time we inspect your vehicle. Should your brake fluid not pass our inspection, our technicians will carefully and thoroughly flush all the dirty fluid out of your system prior to pumping new clean fluid in.

Call us to make your appointment for your POWER FLUSH today! Your vehicle will thank you.

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