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Fuel Systems Englewood

Fun fact: The 1990 Subaru Justy was the last vehicle sold in the US to have a carburetor. Emissions and fuel efficiency laws have changed a lot over the years! Vehicles now run on fuel injection, a not carburetor, which allows your vehicle to meet stricter emissions requirements. In order to control the air to fuel ratio, catalytic converters were introduced. Vehicles also need oxygen sensors and an engine control unit (ECU) to monitor oxygen in the exhaust and make adjustments when necessary. After time, deposits and carbon build up on fuel injectors, intake ports, and valves making your vehicle less efficient. Most of the Check Engine indicators are warnings that your fuel system or emission controls are not functioning properly. Our state of the art equipment can quickly detect issues in these systems and guide us in the right direction to get the most efficiency out of your vehicle. Want to keep your fuel system clean and efficient? Next time you fill your tank, add a can of BG 44K. Your vehicle will run like new! BG 44K removes deposits and cleans out combustion chambers. It also helps restore air to fuel ratios and catalytic converter efficiency. You can pick up a can of BG 44K here at Thompson Automotive on your next visit.