Brake Service & Repair

Brake Repair & Service

Our Brake Jobs Make the Difference

We take our brake jobs very seriously! Your safety is our #1 priority. We not only machine (or turn) your brakes, we also clean and lubricate them as well as all mounting components. We ensure the thickness of each rotor before it is re-installed in your vehicle as well. Having a rotor that is below the manufacturer’s spec is unsafe to drive with.

We notify you immediately should this happen to let you know that your vehicle will require new rotors to pass our safety inspection. We also use high quality ceramic brake pads to ensure that your brakes can withstand high temperatures, allowing them to last longer, and reduce noise and dust when you’re on the road.

Thompson Automotive is a full service automotive repair shop in Englewood, Colorado, proudly serving the entire Englewood Littleton Denver area. From brake pads to brake repair and machining rotors to brake repair, we have your brake maintenance, service, and repairs covered!