Tune Ups

Car Tune Up Englewood

Performing a tune up can make your engine easier to start each day, improve your gas mileage, lower emissions, and restore lost power. Your vehicle manufacturer will recommend a tune up at a specific mileage, however, if you have not kept up to date with those recommendations and you are noticing your vehicle acting a little sluggish or not getting as good of gas mileage as before it may be time for you to bring it in for a tune up.

Combustion is what creates the power to move your vehicle. To produce combustion you need clean air and fuel to flow into the cylinders where the spark plugs initiate combustion. To get the best performance and gas mileage out of your vehicle you need clean filters and spark plugs that are in good condition. We check your air filter every time we perform an oil service to help you get the best air flow possible, however, depending on your mileage you may need a complete tune up.

A tune up on most vehicles consists of replacing the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, and ignition wire set. Some vehicles also require us to set timing and idle.

Ask us to check your manufacturer’s recommendation on when you should have your vehicle tuned up. Call or stop into our shop in Englewood today for your car tune up.