Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services – Oil Change

The most basic and most important Preventative Maintenance that must be performed on your vehicle is your 3,000 Mile Oil Change Service. Our oil changes come with tire rotation and a full inspection. Replacing your vehicle’s motor oil is vital to keeping your engine running. Every time you have your vehicle’s oil serviced here at Thompson Automotive, we not only replace your motor oil and filter we inspect your vehicle bumper to bumper and rotate your tires! This is to inform you of your vehicles needs and help keep you on the road longer and safer.

Your vehicle will need other components serviced at intervals of 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Items such as your air filter, fuel filter, and transmission fluid (to name a few) will need to be replaced. We will keep you on schedule and help eliminate untimely repairs by performing your scheduled maintenance as needed.

Call us or come into our shop in Englewood today. Ask us for a copy of your next scheduled maintenance!