Janet Moore

The service is awsome! I am so impressed with the professional atmosphere at Thompsons. I will recommend them to all of my friends! Janet Moore

Janet Moore


Very professional and I felt Thompson Automotive did what was needed to be done and didn't pressure me to do anything other than that.


Excellent customer service, very reasonable price, good communication, very easy to work with! It's a good feeling to know that I can trust my mechanic to be honest and fair especially with something I know very little about. Thank You for taking such good care of me.


To go there! They are the best automotive shop I have ever dealt with. Trustworthy, prompt and I always know what to expect ahead of time. No surprises


Thompson Automotive provided personalized service with attention to making sure my car will continue operating for many more years and miles to come, by discussing preventive maintenance with me.


I would tell them that they really look at EVERYTHING on your car and tell you exactly what is wrong now, can wait, or still maybe a year or so out. They give you very honest information about the cost before you authorize work and truly seem to put a lot of pride into what they do. If you have an import car (specifically Japanese) I would HIGHLY recommend Thompson's!


Thompsom Automotive will keep you informed what they are doing with your auto and professional finish the when requested.


You can't go wrong with this guy - he runs a clean auto shop, knows what he is doing, is efficient, and smart, in addition to being honest. He takes care of my BMW - and you know how picky BMW owners are - right ?


It was honestly the best service I have ever received from an automotive service provider.


They are trustworthy and do a great job at a reasonable price.

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